Image: Breakaway Retreat group photo of those attending Breakaway

There is no greater sensation than to break through the clouds and experience the expanse of blue sky. For many families engaged by disability the freedom of limitless flight is often elusive, grounded on the runway by the prevailing adverse winds of disability.
Breakaway – A Lift Family Experience is designed to provide the disability family an experience in recreation, relaxation and spiritual renewal. If you are a family that is engaged by disability, this five day  retreat is an opportunity for you to see God Lift you above the clouds and see your family Breakaway into new horizons.


Lift Disability Network understands disability. Many of our leaders experienced disability first hand. We know the fatigue, we experience the isolation and that is why we are proud to launch a new program called Boost.
Boost is a monthly event night providing opportunities for socialization wrapped in an evening of fun for individuals and families impacted by disability. While at Boost you can expect food, crazy activities and times of inspiration. Everything gets kicked off with a free meal and at the end of the night we all go home with our life elevated. That’s why it is called Boost!